EventKG+BT - a timeline generation system that creates concise and interactive spatio-temporal representations of personal biographies from a knowledge graph using distant supervision.


Data Sets

EventKG+BT uses models pre-trained on Wikipedia and biographical websites, temporal relations extracted on-the-fly from EventKG and additional information obtained from Wikipedia.

More Information (Cite as)

The benchmarks used for the timeline generation and more information is available on the EventKG website.

Refer to our following paper to read about our approach of automated biography timeline generation:

   title={{EventKG - the Hub of Event Knowledge on the Web - and Biographical Timeline Generation}},
   author={Gottschalk, Simon and Demidova, Elena},
   publisher={IOS Press},
   journal={Semantic Web Journal (SWJ)}

Refer to our following demo paper to read about the EventKG+BT interface:

   title={{EventKG+BT: Generation of Interactive Biography Timelines from a Knowledge Graph}},
   author={Gottschalk, Simon and Demidova, Elena},
   booktitle={Proceedings of the ESWC 2020 Satellite Events}


Simon Gottschalk
L3S Research Center